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ABS Smart Repair Dorking will remove all small scuffs to bumpers leaving no trace of any damage.

A Smart Repair is a quick and very effective method of removing minor damage to a car normally bumper dents and scuffs. This is a cost effective way of repairing the car because the work is only on a small area. There is no need to re-spray the entire bumper if it’s just a small area.


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Smart repairs Dorking will use this cost effective procedure resulting in a perfect finish every time. Another method of smart repair is called PDR. This is a paintless dent removal procedure where the dent is manipulated back to its original shape, often used on doors after a parking dent knock or similar.
Again this is a very cost effective way to repair the car as there is no need for expensive and unnecessary re spraying or new body parts.

These quick repairs cost less and are normally completed the same day.


Dorking smart repair services in the work shop

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