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ABS scratch and dent repair Reigate provide an expert and professional repair service.

Using our 15 years of experience we can remove dents using our paintless dent removal service. PDR is a specialist job that involves using special tools to manipulate the metal until it softens so it can return to its previous position without a trace and no re-spraying is required.


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If your car has major dents due to a small accident then we may have to use the traditional method of filling, sanding and painting.

The most common causes of dents and scratches to cars are from
Parking Bay Dents
Stone Chips
Bush Scratches
Reverse Parking
ABS Scratch and dent removal Reigate are on hand to remove the damage without a trace.

We offer our customers free quotations so please feel free to visit our workshop for a quote or contact us here.


Reigate dent removal specialists

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